Console Repairs
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Can you come and get the console from my work address?

No problem. We can sort out collection of the game console from a business address providing the address has a known postcode and there is somebody is going to be available to hand over the broken game console to the driver.

How much does a game console repair?

The cost to repair a damaged will largely depend on which needs to be fixed or which component needs to be replaced, this along with which model of console you need repairing. The best option to obtain a price for a repair is to fill out our contact form. We are quite sure you will receive a affordable quote.

How fast is the games console repair near me?

In general, games console repair customers are fixed within 5 business days of collection.

This is of course subject to the availability of replacement parts.

Console Repairs

If you want long lasting and professional repairs for your console, can assist you. The technical staff provide super quick repair time of about five working days following collection of your game console.

If you require details on game console repairs or if you want to book a repair today simply submit the form provided and a member of the staff will contact you back soon to help.

Note: The team do not provide hardware or software mods for game consoles repairs.

Games Console Repairs

Game Console Repair near me

Working from the kitted out repair service centre the experienced technicians provide high quality console repairs.

The repair technicians have access to specialist equipment and top grade component parts and employ specialist techniques for all console repairs near me.

To ensure that every repair is completed to the absolute highest possible standard. For quality assurance all console repairs include a warranty (subject to inspection) with the replacement parts fixed.

The technicians are able to complete a variety of game console repairs for all main game manufacturers.

Most faults can develop with game consoles such as the laser failing, memory chip errors, not powering on and even accident damage. A common problem is the overheating of the unit which could occur with the PS5 and Xbox one.

Regardless of the problem the trained technicians will always do their best to help get your broken console fixed and returned back to you as quick as they can.

If you would like more information on console repairs near me then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

hello, I have the �€�open tray�€� error on my x whereby it is not reading my discs. i`m assuming there is a faulty laser. console works fine apart from that and I can play games from the hdd. how much would you quote for a repair? thanks.


hi so all my games and apps are really pixelated and blurry so I think maybe the graphics card has something wrong with it? tried new monitor and new hdmi cables and no change. thanks


dropped and led screen broke friend tried to replace but not able to get working not sure of main problem now. can you do a quote for repair to get working if sent to you or how does this work plz? regards t howe


won`t charge


water damage trying to turn on but keeps beeping


i have a broken hdmi port, how much would this be to repair? thanks.


hi our switch has had a blue screen on every time we turn it on. I can do a mini reset to get into recovery mode but then it freezes and I can`t do anything else to it. are you able to help?


hi, quick question, do you repair retro computers? I have a commodore amiga a1200 that needs looking at.


green light is on but screen doesn`t come up07414715550


when disc inserted, sounds like it spins up, all seems ok, then after a while the disc becomes unreadable, it spins up, doesnt read, spins down. this continues. dialog box on screen reads `disc unrecognised`. new discs are not read after about 3 or 4 mins. can you help? thanks


hello. looking for quote for a ps vita screen replacement. console was dropped outside and screen is cracked but still working.


gamepad no longer working as dog wee`d on it.