Xbox One Repair
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Do the team offer Xbox One repair for consoles that are out of warranty?

Absolutely, the repair team provide a repair service for consoles that are no longer in warranty and for issues that are not covered by the original warranty.

We will always highly recommend that customers check that your Xbox is no longer under the manufacturer warranty before booking an Xbox One repair.

How long does a Xbox One repair take to do?

The repair facilities provide a prompt Xbox One repair service, with average turnarounds of 3-5 working days.

Are warranties available with Xbox One repair?

Yes, warranties on replacement components are issued with every repair completed for Xbox One repairs customers.

This ensures that if the fault should reoccur, it will always be repaired at no additional cost (subject to inspection of console via a technician).

Xbox One Repair

The Console Expert provides Xbox One repair that cover the original and Xbox One S (subject to parts availability).

The knowledgeable professional technicians operate from a fully equipped service centre, and utilise reputable equipment and leading processes, to ensure every Xbox One repair are completed to a professional standard.

Warranties that cover replacement parts and are supplied, and functionality checking is carried out as standard, so customers may feel confident in the quality of the repair.

Get in touch today to arrange your Xbox One repair - just give the facilities a telephone or fill out the online form, including your contact details and a short description of the fault.

Please note that Xbox One repair only covers the actual console, not any peripherals e. g. game controllersor Kinect.

Xbox One Repairs

Xbox One Repair Service

If you're and require a fast and reliable Xbox One repair, the staff may assist.

An extensive range of issues could be effectively repaired via the staff, including:

• Bluray faults
• HDD replacement
• Software issues
• System Error codes
• Laser replacement
• Green screen of death
• Power button not working

Typically, Xbox One repairs are offerred within a 5 day time frame (this is dependent on spare components availability).

The skilled staff are happy to provide a extensive service Xbox One repairs, that includes:

• Diagnostic testing of the console
• Repairs with high quality replacement components
• Fault testing post-repair
• Components warranty

With knowledge of both common and unusual issues the skilled technicians can effectively identify and fix most Xbox One issues encountered via customers.

They aim to provide their customers with a quick and reputable service, at an extremely competitive price.

A courier service is provided for every Xbox One repairs customers, to ensure every console may be securely transferred between customers homes and the repair facility. This service comes with a 1 hour time slot and is trackable. Alternatively customers can drop off their Xbox One at local courier collection points.

Get in contact with the customer service team today to book to make an enquiry about Xbox One repairs. Please telephone the technical facilities today or fill in the online form, and a member of the staff will be in touch soon by email or telephone.

Recent Enquires

hi my xbox one x won`t start up and keeps bringing up a system error e102. please can you quote how much this is to fix.


hi, it`s the white xbox one think that might the s model? it`s about 4 years old and gets a lot of use from my son. he was using it last night then turned it off and when he came to turn it on a little later it just won`t power on at all. i`ve checked all the connections, removed cables and re-inserted them etc and tried a different plug socket none of which has made a difference. thanks


i have a controller for xbox ones, the rt is not working please can you advise cost for repair?


hello, the motor on the xbox one system is broken, thank you:)


i`ve got an xbox one elite controller that needs the left stick replaced. I can`t click the left stick so unable to sprint on fps games, other movement is ok


hi. I have an xbox one which keeps going to the red light and bringing up an error message.i also have 2 x ds 2`s which need replacing (game slot won`t read games). could you provide a quote for repairs.thank you


xbox one 500gb has all of a sudden no hdmi signal and turns itself off after a minute. tried power brick reset and hard reset options but no luck


xbox one controller left analogue stick drifting


xbox one green loading screen, wont move past this screen. have tried hard reset, holding sync


hi I have an xbox one x , I have the hdmi port issue where by it is not working , I know the xbox is working as I can get to it via the xbox app on the pc. I have tried different ports, cables and tv`s. how much do you charge to fix. many thanks


not actually xbox one but do you repair controllers or know someone who does


xbox one s hdmi port faulty, completely jammed in and loose so not connecting to tv x box otherwise no problem can you quote for a fix and timescale. can drop off locally. thanks