Xbox One Repair
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Do the team provide Xbox One repairs for out of warranty consoles?

Yes, the team offer a service for out of warranty consoles and for faults that are not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

We always recommend that customers check that their Xbox is no longer under the manufacturer warranty prior to booking an Xbox One repair.

How long does a Xbox One repair take to carry out?

The repair centre offer a efficient Xbox One repair service, with average turnarounds of 3-5 business days.

Are warranties available with Xbox One repairs customers?

Yes, warranties are issued with all completed Xbox One repairs customers.

This ensures that should the fault should reoccur, it will be repaired at no extra cost (subject to inspection of console by a technician).

Xbox One Repairs

The Console Expert offers Xbox One repairs that cover the original model and Xbox One S (subject to parts availability).

The experienced technicians operate from a fully equipped service centre, and use specialist equipment and industry approved techniques, to ensure all Xbox One repairs are completed to a high standard.

Warranties covering replacement parts and are supplied, and functionality testing is also provided as part of the service, so customers can rest assured in the quality of the repair.

Get in contact today to book your Xbox One repair - just give the repair centre a call or fill out the online form, including your contact information and a short description of the fault.

Please be aware that Xbox One repairs only covers the console, not the accessories e.g. controllers, Kinect.

Xbox One Repairs

Xbox One Repair Service

If you're based and require a efficient and professional Xbox One repair, can help.

A wide range of faults can be effectively repaired by the technicians, such as:

• Bluray faults
• Disc drive faults
• Hard drive replacement
• Software faults
• Error codes
• Laser replacement
• Green screen of death
• Power or eject buttons not working

Generally, Xbox One repairs are completed within a 3-5 day time frame (this is dependent on spare parts availability).

The fully trained staff are pleased to offer a comprehensive service Xbox One repairs, which includes:

• Diagnostic testing of the console
• Repair with high grade components
• Fault testing post-repair
• A parts warranty

With knowledge of both common and unusual faults the technicians can effectively identify and resolve most Xbox One faults encountered by customers.

They aim to provide their customers with a efficient and professional service, at an extremely competitive price.

A courier service is available for all Xbox One repairs customers, to ensure all consoles can be securely transported between customers homes and the service centre. This service comes with a 1 hour timeslot and is fully trackable. Alternatively customers can also drop off their Xbox One at local collection points.

Contact the customer service department today to book to make an enquiry regarding Xbox One repair . Simply call the repair centre today or fill out the online form, and one of the team will be in contact shortly via email or phone.

Recent Enquires

when you put the xbox one on it does not send the signal to the tv,have tried another hdmi lead not no difference also we can`t hear the fan running, it will not do a reboot either.any idea on how much it will cost to put it wright??


hi, my xbox one randomly turns off during playing games. it`s fine if i`m using it just to watch things like netflix or sky app. i`ve tried a new power supply as some people suggest but it still turns off. do you have any ideas and if so how much to repair? thanks matthew


my eldest kid has an xbox one got last xmas if she turns it on it lights up but after few seconds a a couple of mins max it shuts off i`ve tryed to trouble shooting online i`m at point where i`d need an expert. are flat is a bit damp its an on going issue so it might be that or my daughter could of wet it but be keeping quiet hope this is enough to go on thanks if calling and no answer can u text then try ty


no power to the xbox one s. changed cable and fuse. still no power. I believe internal power is no good


xbox one (forza edition) won€™t turn on, makes the sound but nothing else. looking to find out the cost of repair


xbox one keeps turning off and can€™t figure out why


xbox one x will not turn on. it makes a little beeping noise after trying to load then after 2 tries turns itself off. sometimes it`ll make it to the xbox load screen but no further.


hi my son tells me the hdmi port on his xbox one s is damaged. can you tell me my options in terms of repair?thank you


we have an xbox one that will not turn on, its approximately two years old but it has never been used. I look forward to hearing from someone.patrick


i managed to stand on my sons xbox one console this morning (by accident) and it is now making a rattling sound by the fan area I think. can you please advise what I could do? thanks


hi I am not sure whats wrong with my xbox one s but its slow and wont play some games I have tried clearing up space but that didnt work and I have tried so many things and I was wondering if you would have any idea whats wrong with it. thank you for your time


xbox one will not connect to the internet on either wired or wireless, says there is a problem with the wifi card.