Xbox One Repair
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Do the team offer Claughton Xbox One repairs for out of warranty consoles?

Yes, the repair staff offer a repair service for consoles that are no longer in warranty and for issues that are not covered by the original warranty.

We always highly recommend that you check that your Xbox is no longer under the manufacturer warranty before booking an Xbox One repair.

How long would a Xbox One repair for Claughton take to complete?

The repair facility provide a prompt Xbox One repair service, with average turnarounds of 3-5 working days.

Are warranties given with Xbox One repair in Claughton?

Yes, warranties on components are issued with every repair completed for Xbox One repair for Claughton customers.

This makes sure which if the fault should reoccur, it will always be repaired at no extra cost (subject to inspection of games console via a technician).

Xbox One Repair Claughton

The Console Expert provides Xbox One repair for Claughton in Merseyside that cover the original and Xbox One S (subject to parts availability).

The knowledgeable skilled technicians utilise a fully equipped service centre, and use reputable equipment and leading processes, to ensure every Xbox One repair for Claughton are completed to a professional standard.

Warranties across spare parts and are supplied, and functionality testing is carried out as standard, so gamers may feel confident in the quality of the repair.

Get in touch now to book your Xbox One repair for Claughton - simply give the repair workshop a call or complete the online contact form, including your contact details and a short description of the fault.

Please note that Xbox One repair Claughton only covers the console, not the accessories e. g. controllers, Kinect.

Xbox One Repairs Claughton

Claughton Xbox One Repairs

If you're based in Claughton and require a fast and reliable repair on your Xbox One, can help.

An extensive variety of issues can be quickly fixed by the technicians, including:

• Blue Ray faults
• HDD replacement
• Software faults
• System Error codes
• Laser replacement
• Green screen of death
• Power button not working

In most cases, Xbox One repair for Claughton and Merseyside are completed within a 5 day time period (this is dependent on replacement parts availability).

The experienced staff are happy to offer a comprehensive service for Claughton Xbox One repair, which includes:

• Diagnostic testing of the console
• Technical with high grade replacement components
• Fault checking post-repair
• Components warranty

With extensive knowledge of both common and unusual Xbox issues the skilled technicians could effectively diagnose and resolve most Xbox One faults encountered by Claughton gamers.

They always aim to offer their gamers with a efficient and reputable service, at an extremely cost effective price.

A collection and delivery service is provided for every Xbox One repair for Claughton gamers, which ensures every Xbox console can be securely transferred between the gamers homes and the repair facility. This service comes with a 1 hour time slot and is completely trackable. Alternatively customers can also drop off their Xbox One at local pick-up point.

Get in contact with the customer service department now to arrange to make an enquiry regarding Xbox One repair Claughton. Simply call the technical centre today or fill in the online form, and one of the staff will be in touch shortly by email or telephone.

Recent Enquires

i`ve taken apart my xbox one due to part of the fan breaking and trying to fix it myself I have tried putting it all back together and it turns on fine but doesn`t steam anything on the tv and the front of the xbox won`t got back on with the ribbon


hi there the xbox one first ed has decided to act up graphics have went funny and hdmi port and usb seem lose as well can you give me a price for this and putting a bigger hard drive in it as well if cost affective thanks


hi, my son`s xbox one has a fault and needs repair. when turned on, it switches itself off after 10-20 seconds. the fan doesn`t seem loud he says. please can you advise possible cures and costs. thanks!


my xbox one x is really loud


xbox one keeps making funny noise when inserting discs and it is now coming up with a error message saying discs may be dirtycan you help and how much roughly would this cost.


xbox one s hdmi out appears to be slack and no longer transmitting signal to tv. xbox turns on and power seems fine. I presume new hdmi port required.can you provide a cost and timescale for this please. I was hoping to be able to use this weekend.


i have a problem, the hdmi port out to tv, my console has fallen and the port and the cable are damaged, how much would it cost to repair?xbox one x


i have an xbox one s that needs a new hdmi port. my daughter pulled it off the shelf yesterday and I can visibly see the bit inside is broken. xbox was working fine as was in a party chat could still hear game and party chat through headset in controller but no picture or sound on the tv. could this be repaired and how much? can drop off and collect also


xbox one elite controller stick drift on right analog stick


games do not get read when inserting them in the xbox one


hello there. I have an issue with my xbox one not reading the disks correctly. I believe its due to the disk not goingg far back enough or the laser not moving into the correct place. if I tilt the xbox back whilst putting the disk in it sometimes works. but is getting more frequent. are you able to fix this issue? if so do you have a rough price? many thanks. dan


my partners xbox one makes an awful noise when playing a game at first we thought it was the fan but we think it`s actually the disc tray can this be fixed?