Xbox One Repair
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Do the team offer Bromborough Xbox One repairs for consoles that are out of warranty?

Absolutely, the repair team provide a repair service for consoles that are no longer in warranty and for issues that are not covered by the original warranty.

We will always highly recommend that you check that your Xbox is no longer under the manufacturer warranty before booking an Xbox One repair.

How long would a Xbox One repair for Bromborough take to do?

The repair facilities provide a prompt Xbox One repair service, with average turnarounds of 3-5 working days.

Are warranties available with Xbox One repair in Bromborough?

Yes, warranties on components are issued with every repair completed for Xbox One repair for Bromborough customers.

This makes sure that if the fault should reoccur, it will always be repaired at no additional cost (subject to inspection of console via a technician).

Xbox One Repair Bromborough

The Console Expert provides Xbox One repair for Bromborough in Merseyside that cover the original and Xbox One S (subject to parts availability).

The knowledgeable skilled technicians utilise a fully equipped service centre, and utilise reputable equipment and leading processes, to ensure every Xbox One repair for Bromborough are completed to a professional standard.

Warranties that cover replacement parts and are supplied, and functionality testing is carried out as standard, so customers may feel confident in the quality of the repair.

Get in touch today to book your Xbox One repair for Bromborough - just give the workshop a telephone or fill out the online form, including your contact details and a short description of the fault.

Please note that Xbox One repair Bromborough only covers the console, not the peripherals e. g. game controllersor Kinect.

Xbox One Repairs Bromborough

Bromborough Xbox One Repairs

If you're based in Bromborough and require a fast and reliable Xbox One repair, the staff may assist.

An extensive range of issues could be quickly repaired by the technicians, including:

• Blue Ray faults
• HDD replacement
• Software issues
• System Error codes
• Laser replacement
• Green screen of death
• Power button not working

Typically, Xbox One repairs for Bromborough and Merseyside are completed within a 5 day time period (this is dependent on replacement parts availability).

The experienced staff are happy to offer a comprehensive service for Bromborough Xbox One repairs, which includes:

• Diagnostic testing of the console
• Technical with high quality replacement components
• Fault checking post-repair
• Components warranty

With knowledge of both common and unusual issues the skilled technicians could effectively identify and fix most Xbox One issues encountered by Bromborough customers.

They aim to offer their customers with a quick and reputable service, at an extremely cost effective price.

A courier service is provided for every Xbox One repairs for Bromborough customers, to ensure every console may be securely transferred between customers homes and the repair facility. This service comes with a 1 hour time slot and is trackable. Alternatively customers can also drop off their Xbox One at local collection point.

Get in contact with the customer service team now to book to make an enquiry about Xbox One repairs Bromborough. Simply telephone the technical centre today or fill in the online form, and a member of the staff will be in touch shortly by email or telephone.

Recent Enquires

replace thumbstick that is drifting in an xbox one much would that costthanks


hi, my xbox one will no longer turn on. the power brick still displays the orange light but the console won`t start up. can you give me a call to discuss repairs. thanks.


my xbox one will read all dvds and blu rays however wont load any games discs except cod advanced warfare. when I try and load anything else it just says. please restart the app make sure youre using an xbox one game then an error message 0x80820002 if this can be fixed could you send me a quote


hdmi connection is broken as my son friend tripped over the lead while my son was using his xbox one.


basically it is a used xbox one s it has error codes on startup tried factory resetting but that didnt work as well as offline update but error codes keep showing up tried everything online and nothing had worked it is mainly and e200 error code whenever something goes wrong I belive its a hardware fault I have written before however the console was listed as new not used as it is. if you want to examine the xbox yourself please let me know, me and my friend have opened it twice before however should still be able to fix it/ open it if you need any accesories with it just ask eg- controller, power supply or hdmi


my xbox keeps shutting down on its own and now won`t even turn on but just bought new power supply and still doesn`t work so there`s a fault with xbox one


shows xbox one green start up screen then just goes to a grey screen


xbox one s powers on then immediately turns off again. it was working yesterday and nothing has changed it been moved since then. i`ve tried unplugging for ten minutes, but that has not effect. it`s in a well ventilated position. the device is just under 4 years old.


my son`s xbox one won`t turn on,there is cold air coming from xbox which is very loud when power supply is plugged into console


my xbox one s hdmi port is faulty when I out the hdmi lead in it is very loose and makes the screen go fuzzy we believe it€™s just the hdmi port, can this be fixed please ? thank you


hi. my sons xbox one e101 and e106 faults. tried downloading software from usb and fault appears halfway through download.


xbox one x goes from green to black screen. can you let me know what is the issue with it and how much it will cost if it can be fixed please