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Does the repair centre provide Xbox repairs in Whiston for red ring of death faults?

Absolutely, Whiston and Merseyside Xbox repairs for the RROD are very common.

Simply get in touch with the staff for further information on the services they offer.

My Xbox 360 in Whiston is not reading discs. Can it be repaired?

If your Xbox is not reading discs, it is likely that the laser has been damaged or worn out. The faulty component can be removed and a replacement laser can be installed. The team offer Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs for Whiston with collection and delivery.

Are Xbox repairs for Whiston cost effective?

In the vast majority of cases, Xbox repairs for Whiston are extremely cost effective, priced at a fraction of the rate of a replacement console.

Contact the professionals today for more information or to arrange collection of your Xbox.

Xbox 360 Repairs Whiston

With the Xbox 360 repair service the experienced technicians provide high quality repairs at competitive rates. Collection and delivery from Whiston is also included as standard.

This service is provided by couriers, for peace of mind that your Xbox will be transported safely to the fully equipped repair centre. 1 hour time slots can be organised and full tracking is included as standard. Alternatively customers can drop off and collect their Xbox 360 at convenient pickup shops e.g. a supermarket or pharmacy, thanks to the DPD ship to shop service.

Each Xbox repair for Whiston conducted is completed using professional equipment designed for console repairs, and only high grade replacement components are used, to ensure the repairs are dependable.

If you are in Whiston and require an Xbox 360 repair then get in touch today. Please give us a call or simply fill out the enquiry form with your details and one of the staff will contact you back as soon as possible.

The repair centre do not carry out Xbox 360 modifications for Whiston customers, including flashing or firmware.

Xbox 360 Repairs Whiston

Whiston Xbox 360 Repair Service

The experienced team offer high quality Xbox 360 repairs for Whiston.

The state of the art repair centre is stocked with high quality parts and custom designed equipment to repair almost any issue with your Xbox 360.

The Console Expert understands that your games console is important and helps keep either you or your children entertained - this is why the staff offer quick turnarounds and cost effective rates for Xbox repairs in Whiston.

Average turnaround time is just 3-5 business days, from collection of your Xbox in Whiston to delivery back to your chosen address.

There are a variety of issues that can develop with the Xbox 360, the most common of which are:

• Red ring of death
• Overheating
• Open tray error
• E74 errors
• No picture

The most common of these problems is the Xbox RROD (Red Ring of Death), which is caused by the Xbox overheating and causing damage to some of the internal components.

Each of the completed Xbox 360 repairs for Whiston include a warranty which covers any parts replaced. This offers assurance that your Whiston Xbox repair has been completed to the highest standard possible.

So if you are near Whiston and are in need of a Xbox 360 repair please contact the repair centre today by telephone, or fill out the online form for a fast response.

Recent Enquires

red dot of death on xbox x slim


hello I just want ask if you can repair xbox x slim has red dot on the centre of the console and the error code is x ? how much would cost me ? thank you and have lovely day. maria


the xbox x reads the disc sometimes but rarely. it takes a minimum of x to get a game to load after opening and closing he disc tray mumtiple times.


i have a problem with an xbox x guitar hero guitar controller. the home/on/off switch is not working correctly. is this something you can help me with?


xbox x network pc unknown xbox not connecting


hi I have dual nand xbox x slim and just got myself 1tb x inch hard drive to make it as internal now my console wont boot at all even on normal or rgh nand also I am getting one red light. would you be able to set this up for me I mean to start it from fsd etc.


12 month old did play compatible x games - now wont play them and some dvds - please help


hello, I have the €open tray€ error on my x whereby it is not reading my discs. i`m assuming there is a faulty laser. console works fine apart from that and I can play games from the hdd. how much would you quote for a repair? thanks.


when I turn on my xbox x e it powers up, the green light comes on, nothing happens on the tv and then the green light changes to a read dot.i thought it might be the hdmi cable, so I turned it off removed the hdmi cable, I turned it back on and the light stayed green. however, when I plug in the hdmi or an av cable the light goes back to this fault fixable and if so how much might it cost please?thank you.


my xbox360 doesnt load games or open them up for gaming play


fat xbox360 had trouble originally with tray opening and reading disks.i have stripped it down and it may be a laser or worm issue. how much is the service generally and could I drop off if cheaper


hi,i`ve the xbox 360e console - press the power button, green dot lights then turns off.have tried a different power box but no it fixable / how much?