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Does the repair centre provide Xbox repairs in New Brighton for red ring of death faults?

Absolutely, New Brighton and Merseyside Xbox repairs for the RROD are very common.

Simply get in contact with the staff for further information on the services they offer.

My Xbox 360 in New Brighton is not reading discs. Can it be repaired?

If your Xbox is not reading discs, it is likely that the laser has been damaged or worn out. The faulty component can be removed and a replacement laser can be installed. The team offer Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs for New Brighton with collection and delivery.

Are Xbox repairs for New Brighton cost effective?

In the vast majority of cases, Xbox repairs for New Brighton are extremely cost effective, priced at a fraction of the rate of a replacement console.

Contact the professionals today for more information or to book collection of your console.

Xbox 360 Repairs New Brighton

With the Xbox 360 repair service the dedicated technicians provide high quality repairs at competitive rates. Collection and delivery from New Brighton is also included as standard.

This service is provided by couriers, for added assurance that your Xbox will be transported safely to the fully equipped repair centre. 1 hour time slots can be organised and full tracking is included as standard. Alternatively customers can drop off and collect their Xbox 360 at convenient pickup shops e.g. a supermarket or pharmacy, thanks to the DPD ship to shop service.

Each Xbox repair for New Brighton carried out is completed using specialist equipment designed for console repairs, and only high grade replacement components are used, to ensure the repairs are dependable.

If you are in New Brighton and looking for an Xbox 360 repair then get in contact today. Please give us a call or simply fill out the enquiry form with your details and one of the staff will contact you back as soon as possible.

The repair centre do not carry out Xbox 360 modifications for New Brighton customers, including flashing or firmware.

Xbox 360 Repairs New Brighton

New Brighton Xbox 360 Repairs

The experienced team offer high quality Xbox 360 repairs for New Brighton.

The state of the art repair centre is stocked with high quality parts and specialist equipment to repair almost any issue with your Xbox 360.

The Console Expert understands that your games console is important and helps keep either you or your children entertained - this is why the staff offer quick turnarounds and cost effective rates for Xbox repairs in New Brighton.

Average turnaround time is just 3-5 business days, from collection of your Xbox in New Brighton to delivery back to your chosen address.

There are a range of problems that can develop with the Xbox 360, the most common of which include:

• Red ring of death
• Overheating
• Open tray error
• E74 errors
• No picture

The most frequently occurring of these problems is the Xbox RROD (Red Ring of Death), which is caused by the console overheating and causing damage to some of the internal components.

Each of the completed Xbox 360 repairs for New Brighton come with a warranty which covers any parts replaced. This offers peace of mind that your New Brighton Xbox repair has been completed to the highest standard possible.

So if you are near New Brighton and are in need of a Xbox 360 repair please contact the repair centre today by telephone, or fill out the website form for a fast response.

Recent Enquires

somebody accidentally stood on the open disc tray of my xbox x slim and it broke. they then snapped the tray into the way it should look and then crammed it back in. now when I try to open it it doesnt open at all.


hi my xbox x disc tray refuses to open it seems like it is maybe stuck. also when I turn on the xbox x it makes a prolonged vibrating noise this sometimes happened when I put a new disc in the tray. help would be much appreciated blair.


the disc tray on my x has packed in wondering how much it would be to fix it as opposed to just buying another pre owned model. cheers


hi there , my xbox360 doesn`t turn on at all the power supply light is orange , it does nothing when pressing the power button on the front panel of the console


xbox x december 2009hi we have been given an xbox and have changed the laser and think its the right one but the machine wont play discs. having checked the internet we believe the laser needs fine tuning with a multi meter using the screw at the side. can you do this and what price would it be to repair please thanks


i have a limited edition star wars kinect xbox x slim, when it was on standby, it whistled and turned on to a red dot. i`ve tried turning it on and off and letting the power supply drain and then plugging it back in, it didn`t do anything for the console. in trying to get a secondary error code (the console displays no output through hdmi), the console worked fine briefly but it now not working again. i`ve tried again for getting a secondary error code again but it won`t display any lights. can you give me an idea of what it would cost including collection? or we could drop of aswell.


hello when I turn it on I just keep getting the red ring of death it€™s a xbox x e thank you david cribb


hello, I have the €open tray€ error on my x whereby it is not reading my discs. i`m assuming there is a faulty laser. console works fine apart from that and I can play games from the hdd. how much would you quote for a repair? thanks.


hello, my xbox x disc not ejecting and even though there is a disc inside but not reading. everything else is fine. how far is your office from ha9 0qg, wembley park? how much will you charge for the collection, repair


good morningi hope you are well.i would like to inquire and kindly request some feedback and a possible quote with regards to my xbox x slim 250gb console.everything works correctly onoff and power supply even reading of disks etc etc however recently when I begin a game harry potter or fifa 13 it proceeds as normal for 10 minutes or so and then beeps twice and powers off. proceed to switch it back on and it operates as normal.however this is not all the time and just sometimes. for example one night I played fifa x all night with no issues at all...but the night before every game I proceeded to play double beep in the middle of a game then power off.i have had a look on some forums online and I have observed this is a regular occurrence with the slim console. I purchased this console in june 12 and barely played on it due to being in afghanistan most of the time. it might be as simple as over heating but really unsure.i return home in 10 days from the dessert and would like some help or feedback regarding this.if you can assist in anyway possible your feedback would be very much appreciated.i shall look forward to your reply.regardsdean baldwin.


hixbox x slim red dot on screen is now blank kind regards


power supply light displays green but on xbox x console, a red dot shows on the power button.