Switch Repair
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Can you replace Nintendo Switch Screens?

Absolutely, the team can repair your Switch handheld gaming console with a replacement screen. If you can see a blue or orange that is across the whole screen, it could be that you do not need a replacement screen, this may be a different fault.

Do the repair team offer Switch repairs for SD Card or Game Port problems?

This is a very common repair, constantly taking out and putting in new SD or game cards can wear the fragile contacts, or children placing items into the SD Card slot causing damage. The team are able to provide Switch repairs for this issue, which is easily repaired in the vast majority of cases.

Will a Nintendo Switch repair come with a warranty?

Yes each successful Switch repair comes with a warranty covering parts used. This gives you reassurance that the repair has been carried out to a professional standard.

How fast is the Switch repair service?

Typically, Switch repairs are completed within 3-5 working days. The team aim to provide a quick service, without compromising on quality.

Nintendo Switch Repairs

Affordable Switch repairs with a courier service included to transport customers handheld games console to the fully equipped repair centre.

Nintendo Switch repairs customers have prompt turnarounds, usually taking an average of 3-5 business days.

The staff can repair a variety of faults with the Nintendo Switch console and offer a warranty on all completed repairs, that covers all components replaced. Customers should be aware that the warranty period is subject to the original manufacturers seal not being tampered with in the console.

To arrange your Nintendo Switch simply get in contact today. You can do this by filling out the online form or alternatively just give us a call to speak to a customer representative.

The team do not provide Switch homebrew modifications.

Wii Repairs

Switch Repairs

All of the Nintendo Switch repairs customers are conducted by experienced, fully trained technicians, who have access to specialist tools and knowledge of the most effective techniques.

Each Nintendo Switch repair that we undertake and complete comes with a warranty for added assurance that the work has been completed professionally.

The warranty covers the parts that have been replaced and all of the work conducted by the technicians.

Some of the most common Switch repairs that the team conduct are:

• SD Card Reader faults
• Battery Replacement
• Dock Port Damage
• Broken Game card Reader
• Blue Screen

These are just a small sample of the Nintendo Switch repairs customers that the technicians are able to carry out. Whatever the issue with your Switch handheld console, the technicians will always do their best to conduct an effective Nintendo Switch repair.

The staff are able to offer collection and delivery for all Switch repairs via a courier service, for added assurance that your console will arrive safely. A 1 hour time slot can be provided and the service is fully trackable. Alternatively you can drop it off at a local collection point.

Arrange your Switch repair today - just call the team today or alternatively you can fill in the online form and a member of the repair team will respond as quickly as possible.

Recent Enquires

my nintendo switch which is 3 months old stopped working. sent it to nintendo, they say water damage and cant fix it. so am looking for an independent repair to analyze it now as they wont repair it due to water contamination, however its not been near water to my knowledge?


nintendo switch lite screen not working sounds and turns on fine, but blank screen


nintendo switch won€™t turn on or charge, brought new charger, no change, tried hard reset no change.


nintendo switch lite no screen but sound.


hi. my sons nintendo switch has suddenly just stopped playing his cartridge games. on inserting the cartridge a message appears telling us to try it again, not reading cartridge and if problems persists we may have a problem with the console malfunctioning. we have tried with various games and it just wont play any. on looking online i`m assuming the console needs a new card reader?? could you please quote me on a price and turnaround time for repair. thank you


good afternoon my name is mr bolland and the nature of my enquiry is reg my sons nintendo switch.approx 6 month ago he drop it and cracked the back of the cover.the console was still working ok and we ordered a new back plate.unfortunately we never managed to put it on but do still have it.this week my son has noticed that the left hand blue joy pad controller is not connecting even when the system is fully charged.i have tried to sync it again but it won€™t.please can you tell me if this is something you look at and also is it and expensive fix ?kind regards mr bolland


i have sound on my granddaughters nintendo switch lite but nothing from the screen. yeah have tried a soft reset bit this hasn€™t done anything. is this something you may be able to help with and a rough cost estimate please?thank you kelly


i`ve got low serial no nintendo switch does not showing sd card . it was working before.


nintendo switch turns on to logo then turns off , when plugged in to charge it shows the battery indicator for a few seconds ( which is green and has charge ) but keeps cutting off at the same point , I think its the damaged charger port. how much to diagnose and fix the problem?thanks


hi my son€™s nintendo switch lite game card reader port has stopped working I was wondering if you can do these repairs and quote me a price please


please can my nintendo switch be repaired in rushden. please can I get it repaired immediately


my sons nintendo switch lite went dead and now it won`t charge. its not an issue with the charger as we have tried it on another switch. when I press the power button it just keeps coming up with the battery in the corner saying its dead.