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Can you replace Nintendo Switch Screens?

Yes, the team can repair your Switch handheld gaming console with a replacement screen. If you can see a blue or orange that is across the entire screen, it could be that you do not need a replacement screen, this may be a different fault.

Do the repair team provide Switch repairs for SD Card or Game Port problems?

This is a very common repair, constantly taking out and putting in new SD or game cards can wear the fragile electronic contacts, or children placing items into the SD Card slot causing damage. The team are able to provide Switch repairs for this issue, which is easily repaired in the vast majority of cases.

Will a Nintendo Switch repair come with a warranty?

Yes each successful Switch repair comes with a warranty covering parts used. This gives you reassurance that the repair has been completed to a professional standard.

How prompt is the Switch repair service?

Typically, Switch repairs are completed within 3-5 working days. The team aim to provide a prompt service, without compromising on quality.

Nintendo Switch Repairs

Affordable Switch repairs with a courier service included to transport customers handheld games console to the fully equipped repair centre.

Nintendo Switch repairs customers have prompt turnarounds, usually taking an average of 3-5 business days.

The staff can repair a variety of faults with the Nintendo Switch console and offer a warranty on all completed repairs, that covers all components replaced. Customers should be aware that the warranty period is subject to the original manufacturers seal not being tampered with in the console.

To arrange your Nintendo Switch simply get in contact today. You can do this by filling out the online form or alternatively just give us a call to speak to a customer representative.

The team do not provide Switch homebrew modifications.

Wii Repairs

Switch Repairs

All of the Nintendo Switch repairs customers are conducted by experienced, fully trained technicians, who have access to specialist tools and knowledge of the most effective techniques.

Each Nintendo Switch repair that we undertake and complete comes with a warranty for added assurance that the work has been completed professionally.

The warranty covers the parts that have been replaced and all of the work conducted by the technicians.

Some of the most common Switch repairs that the team conduct are:

• SD Card Reader faults
• Battery Replacement
• Dock Port Damage
• Broken Game card Reader
• Blue Screen

These are just a small sample of the Nintendo Switch repairs customers that the technicians are able to carry out. Whatever the issue with your Switch handheld console, the technicians will always do their best to conduct an effective Nintendo Switch repair.

The staff are able to offer collection and delivery for all Switch repairs via a courier service, for added assurance that your console will arrive safely. A 1 hour time slot can be provided and the service is fully trackable. Alternatively you can drop it off at a local collection point.

Arrange your Switch repair today - just call the team today or alternatively you can fill in the online form and a member of the repair team will respond as quickly as possible.

Recent Enquires

deep scratches on screen of nintendo switch, enquiring for cost of replacement of screen please.


do you fix nintendo switch lites my sons lite won€™t charge or turn on we have had someone look at it but they said they can€™t repair it it€™s not a fault of my sons it just went off and hasn€™t been back on since


nintendo switch lite needs a new charger port


game card reader faulty. tried with a few cards but no joy. looking for repair price please. nintendo switch.


hi how much would it cost to replace the usb c port in the nintendo switch. it won`t charge and it is broken inside the port. I have bought a new usb c port if you can use that?thanks simon


my girlfriend attempted to replace the right joystick on her nintendo switch lite after sustaining some damage. she was successfully able to do so but completely shredded several screws in the motherboard in the process. she ended up having to cut away some of the plastic the affected screws screwed into to get them loose. she managed to do this on all but one. after successfully replacing the joystick the switch screen will no longer show any picture. there is backlight, the device makes noises as if it is working but the screen remains black. any help would be greatly appreciated.


hi, my daughter managed to force the red controller of her nintendo switch into the black thing with the wrist strap string attached. I managed to get them apart but pulled the ribbon connectors out of the controller. is this repairable and if so how much please ?


nintendo switch is not charging, could you call me soon as possible on above number many thanks trevor haynes


i have a problem with my nintendo switch.when I turn it on I get an error message and me to hold down the power button for 3 seconds and that if this does not work to hold it down for 12 seconds and reset the settings. I have tried this and it does not work. nothing happens when I hold down the power button.in addition when I connect the charger the switch does not recognise it. I have tried a number of different chargers and none of them work and the switch currently has no charge and I am unable to charge it.can you please let me know if you are able to resolve the issue, how long it will take to repair and how much it will cost.


my sons nintendo switch isn€™t turning on.


nintendo switch lite is not charging. still within warranty and had been sent off to nintendo. they have established that it is damage to the charging port with a repair cost of 77, not covered by the warranty.


hi, my daughters nintendo switch lite is not holding a charge. the switch can be on charge for any length of time and soon as you take it off the battery just drops. is there any way of fixing this. thanks