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Are you able to replace Nintendo Switch Screens?

Yes, the team are able to repair your Switch handheld games console with a new screen. If you have a blue or orange that covers the entire screen, you may not need a replacement screen, this could be a different issue.

Do the team provide Switch repairs in Crosby for SD Card or Game Port problems?

This is a really common issue, switching games and putting in gaming SD or game cards can wear the delicate electronic contacts, or people placing items into the SD Card slot causing a lot of damage. The team are able to provide Switch repairs in Crosby for this problem, which is easily repaired in most cases.

Will a Nintendo Switch repair for Crosby come with a warranty?

Yes every successful Switch repair for Crosby comes with a warranty covering parts replaced. This gives you peace of mind that the repair has been completed to a high standard.

How efficient is the Crosby Switch repair service?

In general, Switch repairs for Crosby and Merseyside are completed within 3-5 business days. The team aim to provide a efficient service, without compromising on quality.

Nintendo Switch Repairs Crosby

Economically priced Switch repairs for Crosby with a courier service included to transport customers handheld games console to the state of the art service centre.

Nintendo Switch repairs for Crosby and Merseyside customers have quick turnarounds, usually taking an average of 3-5 business days.

The technicians can repair a vast array of issues with the Nintendo Switch console and offer a warranty on all completed repairs, which covers any components replaced. Please note that the warranty period is subject to the original manufacturers seal not being tampered with in the Switch handheld.

To book your Nintendo Switch from Crosby please get in touch today. You can do this by completing the website form or alternatively just give us a call to speak to a customer adviser.

The team do not offer Switch homebrew modifications.

Wii Repairs Crosby

Crosby Switch Repair Service

All of the Nintendo Switch repairs for Crosby customers are undertaken by experienced, highly trained experts, who have access to specialist equipment and knowledge of the most reliable methods.

Each Nintendo Switch repair for Crosby that we undertake and complete includes a warranty for added assurance that the work has been carried out to a high standard.

The warranty covers the components that have been replaced and all of the work carried out by the repair team.

Some of the most common Crosby Switch repairs that the team complete are:

• Battery Replacement
• SD Card Reader faults
• Dock Port Damage
• Blue Screen
• Broken Game card Reader

These are just a small sample of the Nintendo Switch repairs for Crosby customers that the specialists are able to carry out. Whatever the problem you have with your Switch handheld console, the technicians will always do their best to conduct an effective Nintendo Switch repair.

The staff offer collection and delivery for all Switch repairs from Crosby via a courier service, for peace of mind that your item will arrive safely. A 1 hour time slot is provided and the service is fully trackable. Alternatively customers can drop it off at a local collection point.

Book your Switch repair for Crosby today - just call the team today or alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form and a member of the team will respond as promptly as possible.

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hi, please can I have a quote to repair a nintendo switch lite. both control sticks are not working properly and need to be replaced.


hi, I have a nintendo switch that needs a usb c replacement. I may have made the job harder as I have attempted the repair myself. I attempted to add some low melt solder so the contacts, and then use a heat gun to remove, but it`s just not working. I can provide a usb c replacement with it. I have the device down to the motherboard already.


nintendo switch stopped working on dock it couldn`t be displayed onto tv and now has stopped charging.


nintendo switch won`t power on and won`t charge took it back to game and without receipt they advised we contact you


had a cowboy attempt repairs on a nintendo switch and basically ruined it but all the chips on it were replaced and the usb port the lcd connector but the fan connector was removed and not replaced as well as the right joy con rail connector has a broken hinge. there`s some bridged capacitors and a small missing mosfet and, a mis-positioned mosfet on the back side of the board and that weird crystal/led component on the rear side of the board that i`ve not been able to identify?would you guys be capable of repairing the damage?


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nintendo switch isn`t turning on out of the blue used every day and no damage has happened shows the nintendo sign then goes straight off


my nintendo switch screen is scratched I have bought a new screen but don`t wanna do it myself just in case I brake it so how much to fit it thanks I am in blackpool


hi, the charging port on my nintendo switch seems to be damaged. the switch won`t charge. are you able to repair? thank you.


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