PSP Repair
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Do the team offer PSP repairs for power {faults|problems}?

Power issues can usually be effectively repaired by the team. They provide professional PSP repairs customers for power issues and a range of other faults.

How prompt is the PSP repair service?

The team offer quick turnarounds for PS Vita repairs and PSP Go repairs - consoles are typically effectively repaired within 3-5 business days.

Does a PSP repair include a warranty?

Yes every successful PSP repair comes with a warranty covering parts replaced during the repair process.

Sony PSP Repair

If you require a fast repair for your PSP, can offer a solution - the staff provide customers with high quality PSP repairs that won't break the bank.

All PlayStation Portable repairs include collection and delivery by a courier service. This helps us speed up {the repair process|returns} and ensures customers {consoles|items} are {safe in transit|transported securely}.

Each PSP repair {completed|carried out|undertaken} by our team includes a warranty which covers the parts {fitted|replaced}.

{Arrange|Organise} your PSP repair - {just|simply} {fill out|fill in|complete} the {online|enquiry} form or call the team directly on the {phone|telephone} number {provided|displayed}.

PSP Repairs

PS Vita and PSP Go Repair Service

The expert team offer PlayStation Portable repairs customers, which are conducted by experienced technicians at a fully equipped {repair|service} centre.

The {skilled|professional} technicians have access to the best {tools|equipment} and {spare|replacement} parts which ensures that every PSP repair is {completed to|of} a professional standard.

All PlayStation Portable repairs include a collection and delivery service, which is provided by a courier. In {nearly all|most|the majority} of cases, PSP repairs are completed within {5|3-5} {working|business} days.

The team are able to effectively {diagnose|identify} and {repair|resolve} {a range|a vast array|a wide variety} of faults, {including|which include}:

{ • Damaged LCD
• Cracked casing
• Broken speakers
• Damaged buttons| • Damaged buttons
• Broken speakers
• Cracked casing
• Damaged LCD}

A warranty is {issued|provided|supplied} with every completed PSP repair, so customers can {rest assured|feel confident} that the work is of a high standard.

Should the original {problem|fault} reoccur, the console will be repaired {at no extra cost|free of charge|at no additional charge} (subject to inspection of the device).

The team are proud to offer {cost effective|competitively priced|affordable} and {efficient|quick} PSP repairs customers.

To {book|arrange|schedule} your PSP repair with courier collection included, {simply|just} {fill out|fill in|complete} the {online|enquiry} form, including your contact {details|information} and a {brief|short} summary of the fault. Alternatively, {you can|please} call the team directly on the {phone|telephone} number displayed, and they will do their best to answer any questions you may have.

Recent Enquires

hi. i`ve recently switch on my psp after a while of not using and some of the buttons are not working. it`s the bottom bar. start, select, volume down and ps button not working for sure. can you please tell me how much for replacement or repair. cheers.


hi. our psp does switch on, but nothing happens when we inserted any games.


hi,i`ve had 6.60cfw on my psp street for a while now, and I went to use it today and the operating system crashed when loading a game. rebooting the psp just causes it to go to a black screen and it turns off after 20 seconds. would you be able to repair a bricked psp street?


my psp x sd card slot has an issue cant fit a memory card in something is broken or blocking it


sound`s like watching a 3d movie without the glassesmy psp1000 has been in a cupboard not being used for about 7 years


hi there!my psp x screen is acting a bit weird for a while now. there are no cracks or anything, but as I start using it, the screen starts to get whiter, like it is fading out. once I give a gentle tap in the back, it gets back to normal. it only works if I tap if on the back, not in the front of the psp. when the screen is normal, it works great, colors are perfect. but it keeps doing this fading out/white thing quite a bit. would that be a screen issue, or something else? thank you.sarah


hello I have a psp3000 which no longer reads umd discs. it will play anything from a memory card no problem, such as downloaded games and music but won`t play discs. can you help? thanks. carl


hi , I have apsp and all working goid except the back part where the disc go.. my son put the disc in the wrong way and broke the door part .. can you let me know if is possible to repair and how much it cost ??


psp1000 will not turn on. apart from that it`s in mint condition. can you help.


mine is a psp x I need a new phone as it`s gone missing new from shel and a new back cover for battery holder all new buttons to be replaced and I know the psp work as I was using it before my son got hold of it and dropped it and broke the thumb stick please send me a quote how much it is and it is a white one


hi I have psp x I was looking to get the screen replaced if you provide the lcd replacement and do the replacement how would it be thanks


hi i`ve got a psp x and the square button don`t work is this something you can do many thanks