PS4 Repair
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My PS4 doesn't eject game discs?

Your PS4 most likely has a damaged disc drive. If the console accepts discs but can't read them, this can indicate a problem with the laser as well. The staff offer a PS4 repair which covers this fault.

Can the technicians carry out PS4 repairs for the Blue Light of Death issue?

The blue light of death is an indicator that something is wrong with the console - this could be the result of accidental damage from knocks and drops and overheating. Additional symptoms related to this fault include loud fans, not turning on and corrupted graphics.

The staff offer a wide range of PlayStation 4 repairs customers, including identification and repair of BLOD faults.

How much would PlayStation 4 repair cost?

PlayStation 4 repair costs are determined by the problem with the console but a repair is cost-effective and much less than a new PS4 in most cases.

Does the repair centre provide a PlayStation 4 HDMI port replacement?

The technicians provide a PS4 HDMI port replacement service which covers various problems.

You may need a HDMI port if it looks physically damaged, pins are bent or the HDMI port is loose. The console may also continue to turn on but the blue light will change to white.

PS4 Repairs

The technicians offer a comprehensive solution for PS4 repairs , which includes a free clean, service and extensive functionality testing of consoles.

Customers benefit from fast average turnarounds and high standards of repair.

All PlayStation 4 repairs customers are carried out using modern repair techniques and high grade component parts, to ensure all work is of a professional standard.

To ensure a high standard, warranties are provided with all PS4 repairs, which extend to the parts replaced.

Book a PS4 repair now - just call the phone number displayed or complete the website form and the repair centre will get in touch shortly.

Please note that this service only covers the console, accessories e.g. controllers are not cost-effective to repair.

PS4 Repairs

PlayStation 4 Repairs

If you require a PS4 repair for a fault that is not covered by the manufacturer, can help.

The specialist technicians provide customers with high quality PS4 repairs at a low price.

All PS4 repairs customers are conducted at state of the art service centre, using the following:

• Diagnostic testing tools
• Specialist repair equipment
• High grade component parts
• Fault testing technology

The technicians have undergone training, and are able to identify the root of the fault and effectively repair a wide variety of common PS4 problems.

They offer PS4 repairs for a range of faults, including:

• BLOD (Blue Light of Death)
• Not connecting to WiFi
• Error codes
• Not reading or ejecting game discs
• HDMI port damaged
• Overheating
• Beeping noises or loud fan
• Hard drive replacement or upgrade

In the majority of cases, PS4 repairs are completed within just 5 working days. Warranties are issued with each completed PlayStation 4 repair which covers the original defect.

Collections can be booked from any UK mainland address. A 1 hour timeslot can be provided with tracking. Alternatively customers can drop off their console at a local collection point, thanks to the DPD ship to shop. This service ensures all PlayStation 4 repairs are completed and returned to their owners within short time frames.

To organise a PS4 repair, please contact the friendly team today. Just give the repair centre a call on the phone number provided or fill in the online form to request a call back.

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