PS3 Repair
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My PS3 will not eject game discs?

If your PS3 repair won't eject discs, makes a grinding noise or a foreign object is stuck inside, it might need a drive mechanism repair. The repair centre offer a PS3 repair which covers this common issue. Any damaged parts are replaced before realignment and testing.

Will a PS3 repair come with a warranty?

Yes every successful PlayStation 3 repair comes with a warranty covering any parts replaced. This gives you added reassurance that the repair has been completed to a high standard.

How much would a PlayStation 3 repair cost?

It varies by the model and the precise problem you're having with the game console but the technicians always aim to provide a cost-effective PlayStation 3 repair.

My PlayStation 3 shows a disc read error message?

If your PS3 displays a disc read error message, accepts discs but doesn't load them or the disc reading icon is endlessly spinning, the PS3 most likely has a faulty laser. A PS3 repair will replace the laser assembly with a high quality replacement before reassembly and testing.

PS3 Repairs

If you require a professional PS3 repair then the staff have a cost effective solution. All of the PS3 repairs are conducted with custom equipment and top grade components to ensure that each repair is of a high standard.

Whether it's the original PS3, the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Super Slim, The Console Expert can help.

All PlayStation 3 repairs that are completed are issued with a warranty that covers the original defect. In addition comprehensive fault testing is also part of the service.

For PlayStation 3 repairs, just call or enquire online today. The professional customer service department will call or email you to arrange collection of your Sony PlayStation 3.

The staff do not provide firmware modifications customers.

PS3 Repairs

PS3 Repairs

Looking for a quick and reliable PlayStation 3 repair? The repair centre has a solution by providing a professional repair service for customers nationwide, with couriers provided for collection and delivery of PlayStation 3 consoles.

This service is fully trackable and a 1 hour timeslot can be provided. Alternatively customers can drop off and collect their PS3 at local drop off points, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, thanks to the DPD ship to shop service.

PlayStation 3 repairs are undertaken at a fully fitted service centre, using high quality parts and repair methods such as reball and reflow, which is carried out using a BGA rework station.

All of the PlayStation 3 repairs are carried out by experienced and fully trained technicians, using the best methods and tools to provide a professional repair.

The technicians can repair most models of the PlayStation 3 available in the UK including the original "phat" models and the newer slim models. Listed below are some of the common PS3 repairs the technicians carry out:

• Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
• Laser repair
• HDMI port repair
• Power supply repair
• Disc tray repair
• Hard drive replacement or upgrade

These are just some of the faults with the PS3 which can be repaired at a low cost.

Once your PlayStation 3 has been transported to the central repair centre, this is what to expect:

Every PlayStation 3 repair is issued with a warranty so you can rest assured that your repair is of a high standard.

To book your PS3 repair to be collected, simply call the repair centre or fill in the website form with your details and a customer service representative will contact you during business hours.

Recent Enquires

the ps3 works but is does not read any discs that are put inside


original ps3will not read game discs.all other aspects working fine.can deliver and collect console for repair, no need for courier cost on repair quote.


hi, I live in epping and i€™d like to get a quote for the following:my ps4 pro has never been deep cleaned and I only wipe it once every few months with a microfiber cloth before vacuuming the ports. i€™ve never had any performance issues but after vacuuming recently I found that the console started making a loud whirring noise after I loaded a dvd disc (this was the first time i€™d put a non-blu ray disc into the drive so i€™m not sure if this could have been a factor). the whirring only happened that one time and I still haven€™t had any performance issues but I recently learned that vacuuming can send static electricity into the ports and mess with the parts so i€™m a bit concerned that the whirring only began after a recent vacuuming. i€™m considering doing a deep clean though it seems a bit fiddly. how much would you charge me to deep clean my ps4 pro including the heat sink area, and also a ps3 slim? thank you,maxwell murphy


wont eject disk manged to get it out but then wont take disc this console is my disabled sons its the old 60 gb ps3 console


console wont show up on tv only sound problem isnt tv as my laptop works on the tv with the same hdmi cable I use on my ps3 iv used many hdmi cables and still nothing on my main tv and upstairs it works fine on my mates tv but dont know whats wrong


hi, my ps3 slim has got the yellow light of death. how much do you charge to fix this?thanks


my ps3 plays films


hurmuz mythical trench and lived in the town of ipswich at wherstear no. 14 ip august 2 h in october I bought a camera sony playstation 3 .ps model cech x from argus shop in ipswich the device worked five months after that has not worked went with him back mam sal sal million or repair and change them repaired mau sent to the company by sony to get in touch with a company I gave samil repair and please dumniavoastra it will help service the unit sami sami thank expect datim respundeti my request and response the device is still in warranty please check if you can not dumniavoastra sama please help repair another company belonging to sony .tel x x x


stuck on format hard drive screen controller wont register to ps3 wont let me press yes to format harddrive


hi there. my ps3 powers down and shuts off almost immediately after switching on. it can sometimes run for 5-10 minutes before the same thing happens again. cex were unable to fix the problem (no explanation given). any feedback on this would be appreciated.


hello,my ps3 broke a while back, but as I have a ps4, I didnt really bother getting it repaired. I have now gotten to the point where I want to play some of my old games, and ideally get the save files off the hard drive. the problem: the red power switch light will be on, and when you press it, it turns green, and (like normal) but will go completely off after about 3 seconds. there isn`t the sound of any fans starting, as it normally would, but when putting my ear close to it, I could here some movement coming from the hdd.thanks,will


ps3 freezes during start up