PS3 Repair
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My PS3 will not accept discs?

If your PS3 repair won't eject discs, makes a grinding noise or an unusual object is stuck inside, it might need a drive mechanism repair. The technicians offer a PS3 repair for Warfield Park which covers this common problem. Any faulty parts are replaced before realignment and testing.

Will a PS3 repair for Warfield Park come with a warranty?

Yes every complete PlayStation 3 repair for Warfield Park comes with a warranty covering any parts replaced. This gives you additional reassurance that the repair has been completed to a professional standard.

How much does a PlayStation 3 repair for Warfield Park cost?

It varies by the model and the exact problem you're finding with the game console but the technicians always aim to offer an affordable PlayStation 3 repair for Warfield Park.

My PlayStation 3 shows a disc read error message?

If your PS3 displays a disc read error message, accepts discs but doesn't load them or the disc reading icon is endlessly spinning, the PS3 most likely has a broken laser. A PS3 repair for Warfield Park will replace the laser assembly with a top quality replacement before reassembly and testing.

PS3 Repairs Warfield Park

If you are looking for a professional PS3 repair for Warfield Park then the staff have a cost effective solution. All of the PS3 repairs for Warfield Park are conducted with custom equipment and top grade components to ensure that each repair is completed to the required level.

Whether it's the original PS3, the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Super Slim, The Console Expert can assist.

All PlayStation 3 repairs for Warfield Park that are completed are issued with a warranty that covers the original defect. In addition full safety testing is also part of the service.

For PlayStation 3 repairs covering Warfield Park, just call or enquire online today. The friendly customer service department will call or email you to arrange collection of your Sony PlayStation 3 in Warfield Park.

The staff do not provide firmware modifications for Warfield Park customers.

PS3 Repairs Warfield Park

Warfield Park PS3 Repairs

Looking for a quick and reliable PlayStation 3 repair covering Warfield Park? The repair centre has a solution by providing a professional repair service for UK customers, with couriers provided for collection and delivery of PlayStation 3 consoles.

This service is fully trackable and a 1 hour timeslot can be given. Alternatively customers can drop off and collect their PS3 at local drop off points, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, thanks to the DPD ship to shop service.

PlayStation 3 repairs Warfield Park are conducted at a central repair centre, using high quality parts and repair methods such as reball and reflow, which is carried out using a BGA rework station.

All of the PlayStation 3 repairs for Warfield Park are carried out by experienced and fully trained technicians, using custom tools and specialist techniques, to ensure a professional repair.

The technicians can repair most models of the PlayStation 3 available in the UK including new and older models. Here are some of the common PS3 repairs for Warfield Park the technicians carry out:

• Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
• Laser repair
• HDMI port repair
• Power supply repair
• Disc tray repair
• Hard drive replacement or upgrade

These are just some of the faults with the PS3 which can be fixed at a competetive cost.

Once your PlayStation 3 has been delivered to the fully fitted service centre, you can expect:

Every PlayStation 3 repair for Warfield Park comes with a warranty so customers are satisfied that the repair is of a high standard.

Toarrange for collection of your PS3 from Warfield Park, simply call the repair centre or fill in the website form with your details and a customer service representative will contact you during business hours.

Recent Enquires

dear sir, my ps3 pkays for about 30mins, then freezes. it seems to get a little warm but not over hot. wondering if its the lazer or another problem. im a disabled man so use this on a regular basis. could you give me any idea as to price please. many thanks. mr peter lee


himy slim ps3 has stopped playing blu ray discs or games that are blu ray. normal games and dvds play fine. could you let me know how much the repair would be this ps3 has never been opened and still has the security sticker intactthanksphil


ps3 has yellow light of death with game still inside.


1. ps3 is switched on, green light on, fan acceleration, no image (as expected)2. green light on, fan deacceleration, no image and the playstation stays like this in permanent state and doesnt start.


playstation 3 with blue ray will not read discs


ps3 not working as it won`t turn on. I think there is a disk inside the console - just wanted to let you know as an fyi


i have an original ps3. the console will not turn on via the controller any more. it will turn on by pressing the button on the console but turns itself off 2 or 3 seconds later. is this a common problem and is it worth fixing?


ps3 not reading games


hdmi port in my playstation 3 slim won`t read my hdmi cable, I think something broke inside maybe. please can you tell me price it would cost to have repaired


my ps3 can`t login the system recently. then I tried every thing in the safe mode and also I reinstall the system and changed a new hdd. after that, it worked few days. now the same problem happen again.


the ps3 has started to flicker. I have tried quick fixes found on youtube with no success. the ps3 does not except disks either. can you give me a price to fix please. thanks vinnie


hii have ylod on my ps3 I think its the 60gb model had it since day of release.i live in warrington how much do you charge to fixlook forward to hearing from youwinston