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My PS3 will not accept discs?

If your PS3 repair won't read discs, makes a grinding noise or a foreign object is stuck inside, it might require a drive mechanism repair. The repair centre offer a PS3 repair for Liverpool which covers this common fault. Any broken parts are replaced before realignment and testing.

Will a PS3 repair for Liverpool include a warranty?

Yes each complete PlayStation 3 repair for Liverpool comes with a warranty covering any parts replaced. This gives you further reassurance that the repair has been carried out to a high standard.

How much would a PlayStation 3 repair for Liverpool cost?

It varies by the model and the exact problem you're noticing with the game console but the staff always aim to offer an affordable PlayStation 3 repair for Liverpool.

My PlayStation 3 displays a disc read error message?

If your PS3 shows a disc read error message, accepts discs but doesn't load them or the disc reading icon is forever spinning, the PS3 most likely has a damaged laser. A PS3 repair for Liverpool will replace the laser assembly with a top quality replacement before reassembly and testing.

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This map illustrates L1 Liverpool. We may only cover L1 Liverpool area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

PS3 Repairs Liverpool

If you require a reliable PS3 repair for Liverpool the service provided by the technicians may be ideal for you. All of the PS3 repairs for Liverpool are carried out using the best tools and methods to ensure that each repair is of a high standard.

Whether it's the original PS3, the PS3 Slim or the PS3 Super Slim, The Console Expert can offer assistance.

All PlayStation 3 repairs for Liverpool that are undertaken come with a warranty that covers any PS3 parts that have been replaced during the repair. To ensure customer satisfaction comprehensive fault testing is also part of the service.

For PlayStation 3 repairs covering Liverpool, simply give the repair centre a call or by fill in the PS3 repair form. The friendly customer service department will contact you back shortly to arrange collection of your Sony PlayStation 3 in Liverpool.

The staff do not offer firmware modifications for Liverpool customers.

PS3 Repairs Liverpool

Liverpool PS3 Repairs

Looking for a fast, professional PlayStation 3 repair covering Liverpool? The repair centre has a solution by offering a professional repair service for UK customers, with couriers provided for safe transportation of PlayStation 3 consoles.

This service is fully trackable and a 1 hour timeslot can be given. Alternatively customers can drop off and collect their PS3 at local drop off points, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, thanks to the DPD ship to shop service.

PlayStation 3 repairs Liverpool are undertaken at a fully fitted service centre, employing premium component parts and repair methods such as reball and reflow, which is carried out using a BGA rework station.

All of the PlayStation 3 repairs for Liverpool are completed by dedicated games console specialists, using the best methods and tools to provide a professional repair.

The staff are able to repair most models of the PlayStation 3 purchased in the UK including the original "phat" models and the newer slim models. Listed below are some of the frequently PS3 repairs for Liverpool are conducted:

• Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
• Laser repair
• HDMI port repair
• Power supply repair
• Disc tray repair
• Hard drive replacement or upgrade

These are just some of the issues with the PS3 which can be repaired at a low cost.

Once your PlayStation 3 has been delivered to the fully fitted service centre, this is what to expect:

Each PlayStation 3 repair for Liverpool is issued with a warranty so customers are satisfied that the repair is of a professional standard.

Toarrange for collection of your PS3 from Liverpool, simply fill in the online form or call the team during opening hours.

Recent Enquires

hello, I run a few electronic stores in herts and have a lot of broken playstation 3`s and xbox 360`s and a few wii`s I am looking to sell. if you are interested I would be happy to discuss in more detail. I look forward to hearing from you. thanks


my ps3 wont load any applications or read games also the disk drive is jammed


helloit would appear that my ps3 has stopped being able to read any discs I put in it this includes games blu ray dvd and cd. after a quick trouble shoot online I am going to assume it has something to do with a fault in the blu ray drive and was wondering how much this would cost to fixthanksben


i have 2 consoles a ps3 and xbox one s. when I put a hdmi cable into the xbox nothing shows up on the tv screen although it works with the ps3, I have tried many different cables and different ports on the back of the tv and still nothing happens. all I can put it down to is the hdmi port on the back of the xbox one s


the ps3 won`t automatically feed discs. when I was cleaning and disassembling the ps3. during reassembling the right angled wire strip the clip broke on the metal board and I have sellotaped it down and the disc component still doesn`t automatically feed the disc through


not used ps3 cechg03 old generation in around 3years.turned it on the other day worked to boot up then red light came on,could you please quote me on line as i`m disabled with bad health and not able to get out much.kind regardspaul thorne


hi there, I have one of the old gen 1 ps3s, it has had the ylod for years, just wondering how much it would be to repair? thanks


ps3 won€™t turn on at all


i have 2 ps3 ones stuck on system update and the other ps3 hdmi port is broke apart from that they are working i`m just wondering how much it would cost


ps3 wont accept or play disks but the console otherwise works perfectly fine


my son pulled on the controller while attached to ps3. it fell on the ground. the console switches on and the game goes in and out the disc drive. it does not display anything on the tv.


i am looking to get a ps3 repaired, sound but no picture going to television.