3DS Repair
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Do the technicians offer 3DS XL screen repairs?

The professionally trained technicians have access to a large stock of high quality Nintendo DS screen replacements, so can carry out cost effective 3DS XL screen repairs. They provide this service for customers throughout the UK.

Can my 3DS be collected from my work address?

Yes the couriers can collect your 3DS from any UK mainland address and at a time which suits you.

Are 3DS repairs customers affordable?

The team are proud to offer a competitively priced and very efficient service.

They provide 3DS repairs customers at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, and also issue warranties as standard.

3DS Repairs

If your Nintendo 3DS is faulty or broken, The Console Expert can help. The team provide competitively priced and long lasting 3DS repairs customers.

All members of our team are fully trained to identify and resolve a variety of 3DS faults. In nearly all cases, the experienced technicians can conduct 3DS repairs within just 3-5 working days.

The team work at a fully equipped repair centre, servicing the whole of the country including with collection and delivery provided by couriers.

The experienced technicians can quickly and effectively complete the vast majority of DS repairs, using top grade replacement parts, specialist equipment and specialist repair methods.

To book your 3DS repair, please fill out the form provided, or call the number displayed. You will then be contacted by phone or email to arrange collection of your 3DS.

3DS Repairs

3DS XL Repair

The staff offer professional 3DS repairs customers at a competetive cost.

The fully trained repair technicians work from a modern service centre which provides a 3DS repair service for customers throughout the UK, including.

The large network of couriers can collect from any address in the UK, and will ensure your console is transported safely and returned to you promptly.

The 3DS repairs are of an excellent quality, and customers benefit from:

• Skilled technicians with years of industry experience.
• High quality parts to ensure a reliable repair.
• Modern repair equipment and diagnostic testing facilities.
• Fast turnarounds of 3-5 business days on average.

The team can carry out a wide range of 3DS repairs at the fully equipped service centre.

Commonly requested 3DS repairs include:

• Broken buttons
• Bottom screen smashed
• Hinge broken
• Speakers not working
• Camera problems

In addition to the faults listed above, the professional can also repair a range of DS faults that occur less frequently.

To arrange your 3DS repair with collection, simply fill in the online form to request a call back, or call the number provided to speak to a member of the team directly. A member of the team will contact you back as soon as possible to arrange collection of your damaged 3DS.

Recent Enquires

my son has 2dsxl. it will not switch on. I have changed charger and the orange light will go on but nothing else and it won`t power up at all. is this something that can be fixed?


internal liquid contamination, 3ds will not switch on. was quoted 77.50 by the nintendo repair team.


hi my daughter has dropped her 2ds and now neither of the screens work, they both have lines going across them. is this fixable and how much is it likely to cost? thanks,anna


my 3ds (original one, not xl one) is not charging anymore, it used to charge if I had the charger at a slight angle but now it wont charge at all, have tried with 2 different chargers.


the 3d slider is faulty, it slides up and down however the ds doesn`t recognise this. it has been returned to factory settings and I cannot get past the 3d calibration as it asks me to turn the 3d on which I cannot do.


broken 2ds screen from drop. looking to have fixed by 23rd june. really hope you can helpandy


my 3ds screen is black when switched on yet the power button and all other lights seem to be okay.


hi there, can I drop off my sons 3ds for you to look at to see if it can be repaired please?it charges up but when we press the on button it doesn`t want to come on. you can hear it try but then it goes immediately off.thanks


my son has knelt on my daughters 3ds top screen and it has caused cracking, it needs a new screen. the game can be seen working okay so think it is just the screen.


when the ds is switched on the screens both cut out€. sometimes it will be on for a while then just goes off but the power is still on


2ds xlmachine has blue light when switched on but nothing on screens.


3ds is functional, however when the hinge clicks into the upright position it switches the device off; this happens everytime.