3DS Repair
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Do the team offer 3DS XL screen repairs for Hyde Park?

The skilled technicians have access to a large stock of high quality Nintendo DS screen replacements, so can complete cost effective 3DS XL screen repairs. They provide this service for customers nationwide.

Can the team collect my Nintendo 3DS from my work address in Hyde Park?

Yes the couriers can collect your 3DS from any UK mainland address and at a date which suits you.

Are 3DS repairs for Hyde Park customers economical?

The team are proud to provide a cost effective and very efficient service.

They offer 3DS repairs for Hyde Park customers at a fraction of the price of a replacement, and also supply warranties as part of the service.

3DS Repair Service Hyde Park

If your Nintendo 3DS is faulty or broken, The Console Expert can help. The team offer affordable and reliable 3DS repairs for Hyde Park and London customers.

All members of our team are fully trained to diagnose and resolve a wide range of 3DS faults. In nearly all cases, the professional technicians can conduct Hyde Park 3DS repairs within just 5 business days.

The team work from a modern repair centre, servicing the whole of the country including Hyde Park in London with collection and delivery available from couriers.

The experienced team can quickly and effectively complete the vast majority of DS repairs for Hyde Park, using high grade components, specialist tools and reliable repair methods.

To book your 3DS repair for Hyde Park, please complete the form provided, or call the number displayed. You will then be contacted by telephone or email to organise collection of your 3DS from Hyde Park.

3DS Repairs Hyde Park

3DS XL Repairs Hyde Park

The staff offer professional 3DS repairs for Hyde Park and London customers at an affordable cost.

The highly trained repair team work from a state of the art service centre which provides a 3DS repair service for customers across the country, including Hyde Park in London.

The large network of couriers can collect from any address in the United Kingdom, and will ensure your console is transferred safely and returned to you promptly.

The 3DS repairs for Hyde Park are of an outstanding quality, and customers benefit from:

• Experienced technicians with extensive industry experience.
• High grade parts to ensure a long lasting repair.
• Professional repair equipment and fault testing facilities.
• Fast turnarounds of 3-5 working days on average.

The team can conduct a wide variety of 3DS repairs for Hyde Park at the state of the art service centre.

Frequently requested 3DS repairs for Hyde Park and London include:

• Broken buttons
• Bottom screen smashed
• Hinge broken
• Speakers not working
• Camera problems

In addition to the issues listed above, the skilled can also repair a variety of DS faults that occur less frequently.

To organise your 3DS repair with collection from Hyde Park, simply fill in the enquiry form to request a call back, or call the number provided to speak to a member of the team directly. A member of the team will call or email you as soon as possible to arrange collection of your damaged 3DS in Hyde Park.

Recent Enquires

my 2ds will not charge and I do not think it is the charger because the charging point looks bent


hi there, the charger port isn`t working on the 3ds seems like the father port has been stretched slightly and the pins inside have been warped slightly. managed to get it charging at different angles but now can`t get anything.many thanks liam


hi, the ds hasn`t worked for a while now. over 2 years. I believe it is something to do with the top screen not working and the device not charging. can this be fixed? I think nintendo quoted me about 90 for it? thanks


i have an original 3ds which no longer reads game carts or sd cards, apart from than its fine! I also have an original ds which again is fine except it wont charge, hopefully you can sort the 3ds, but if you can sort the ds too that would be excellent!


hi mate just wanting to know if you can put firmware on my 3ds so I can play rom hack/ homebrew games? im not teck savy so might be saying that wrong


the volume button is stuck on full volume, and the 3ds cant be played unless plugged in to the wall with its charger. if the charger is removed it will switch of instantly.


hoya my 3ds is usa and won`t play some of the games I have brought as europe but some do play.i`d like it unlocked to play all please


hihow much would it be to replace the top screen of a nintendo 2ds.thanks


hi. one of the back buttons on our 3ds isn`t responding when pressed. is this something you might be able to fix please?


i have a 2ds xl and the top screen is cracked and the picture is therefore distorted and needs replacing/fixing. can you fix this and if so, how much would it cost?


3ds xl was in bag, orange juice had spilled through bag (thank my mother for that) and I was able to dry most of it and clean off most of the juice. the console still turns on, plays games etc, but only when I have it on charge, as soon as I remove the charger, it blinks for a few seconds then cuts out. can I get a quote for a repair?


my nintendo 3ds xl requires a new top screen, how much to supply and fit? thanks