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Do the technicians offer 3DS XL screen repairs for Hucclecote?

The professionally trained technicians have access to a large stock of high quality Nintendo DS screen replacements, so can complete cost effective 3DS XL screen repairs. They provide this service for customers throughout the UK.

Can the team collect my Nintendo 3DS from my work address in Hucclecote?

Yes the couriers can collect your 3DS from any UK mainland address and at a time which suits you.

Are 3DS repairs for Hucclecote customers affordable?

The team are proud to provide a cost effective and very efficient service.

They provide 3DS repairs for Hucclecote customers at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, and also issue warranties as part of the service.

Area covered : GL3

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This map illustrates GL3 Hucclecote. We may only cover GL3 Hucclecote area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

3DS Repair Service Hucclecote

If your Nintendo 3DS is faulty or damaged, The Console Expert can help. The team provide cost effective and reliable 3DS repairs for Hucclecote and Gloucestershire customers.

All members of our team are fully trained to identify and resolve a wide range of 3DS faults. In nearly all cases, the experienced technicians can complete Hucclecote 3DS repairs within just 3-5 working days.

The team work from a state of the art repair centre, servicing the whole of the country including Hucclecote in Gloucestershire with collection and delivery provided by couriers.

The experienced technicians can quickly and effectively complete the vast majority of DS repairs for Hucclecote, using high grade replacement parts, specialist equipment and leading repair methods.

To book your 3DS repair for Hucclecote, please fill out the form provided, or call the number displayed. You will then be contacted by phone or email to book collection of your 3DS from Hucclecote.

3DS Repairs Hucclecote

3DS XL Repairs Hucclecote

The staff offer professional 3DS repairs for Hucclecote and Gloucestershire customers at a competetive cost.

The highly trained repair technicians work from a modern service centre which provides a 3DS repair service for customers throughout the UK, including Hucclecote in Gloucestershire.

The large network of couriers can collect from any address in the UK, and will ensure your console is transferred safely and returned to you promptly.

The 3DS repairs for Hucclecote are of an excellent quality, and customers benefit from:

• Trained technicians with extensive industry experience.
• High grade parts to ensure a reliable repair.
• Specialist repair equipment and fault testing facilities.
• Fast turnarounds of 3-5 business days on average.

The team can complete a wide range of 3DS repairs for Hucclecote at the fully fitted service centre.

Frequently requested 3DS repairs for Hucclecote and Gloucestershire include:

• Camera problems
• Speakers not working
• Hinge broken
• Bottom screen smashed
• Broken buttons

In addition to the issues listed above, the experienced can also repair a range of DS faults that occur less frequently.

To book your 3DS repair with collection from Hucclecote, simply fill in the enquiry form to request a call back, or call the number displayed to speak to a member of the team directly. A member of the team will contact you back as soon as quickly to arrange collection of your damaged 3DS in Hucclecote.

Recent Enquires

top screen needs replacing


hi my grandsons switch is faulty ,its out of warranty.regardsharry


our wii console come up with a message when we start to load a game. it say: error occurred. eject disc turn off console, read manual. would you be able to look at it for us? kind regards ildiko watling (our address is erith, want in the drop down) i`m happy to take the console to you and pick it up after. thank you


so I have three 3ds systems. one is a blue 3ds which seems beyond repair, so you can keep that one for spare parts. the second is a black 3ds which simply won`t charge properly because of a broken charging port, which i`m hoping can be fixed and used again. the last is a 3dsxl which has the blue light of death, it will power up, but immediately shuts down: I want this one fixed too. I was hoping to get a quote on how much it would be to fix the latter two ds systems.


hi lads switch won`t charge think it charging point inside switch got two charger leads as thought it was that at first green light comes on but not charging how much is new one and if needs new battery how much is that to fix no it be estimate do you call up before you fix when you have found problem and give price ?, thanks ray


damaged top screen-plastic outer screen not smashed but screen below cannot be seen, ? may have been leant on. ds appaers to be working and recognising games etc but games cannpt be played due to not being able to see the screen.


drive was not reading discs open tray error have tried to replace it with a new one it does read disks but as dvds only apparently you have to flash them or remove the pcb from the old one is this something you can help with if so could you provide us with a quote by email thanks.


my sons xbox one has a fault with the controller not sinking correctly with the console. when he plugs in the mic headset he gets no game sound or party sound? the headset works fine with his phone.


will not read games anymore I think needs a new card reader


i`ve noticed a couple faults since buying the new call of duty that it keeps crashing and after trying multiple fixes and troubleshooting ideas. i`ll be playing a certain gametype on the call of duty and it will just crash back to the main menu saying dev x error which I cannot find whilst googling or anything. I would have thought this was just a problem with activation that could be patched one day, but after trying to run rage 2 my xbox just crashes back to the xbox home. I have also chatted to someone about how to fix this issue and tried multiple fixes including resetting my xbox and other things and still the game doesn`t run. I was just wondering if you would have any thoughts on the issue. also I get screen taring in games like red dead redemption 2 and call of duty. kind regards tom


hi my son broke the nintendo 2ds xl from the hinges, so screen does not power can this be fixed ? if so how much


xbox one x goes into emergency shut down due to over heating I think it needs a new fan