3DS Repair
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Do the team offer 3DS XL screen repairs for Brompton?

The skilled technicians have access to a large stock of high quality Nintendo DS screen replacements, so can complete cost effective 3DS XL screen repairs. They provide this service for customers nationwide.

Can my 3DS be collected from my work address in Brompton?

Yes the couriers can collect your 3DS from any UK mainland address and at a date which suits you.

Are 3DS repairs for Brompton customers economical?

The team are proud to provide a cost effective and very efficient service.

They offer 3DS repairs for Brompton customers at a fraction of the price of a replacement, and also supply warranties as part of the service.

3DS Repair Service Brompton

If your Nintendo 3DS is faulty or broken, The Console Expert can help. The team offer affordable and long lasting 3DS repairs for Brompton and London customers.

All members of our team are fully trained to diagnose and resolve a wide range of 3DS faults. In nearly all cases, the professional technicians can conduct Brompton 3DS repairs within just 5 business days.

The team work from a modern repair centre, servicing the whole of the country including Brompton in London with collection and delivery available from couriers.

The experienced team can quickly and effectively complete the vast majority of DS repairs for Brompton, using high grade components, specialist tools and reliable repair methods.

To book your 3DS repair for Brompton, please complete the form provided, or call the number displayed. You will then be contacted by telephone or email to organise collection of your 3DS from Brompton.

3DS Repairs Brompton

3DS XL Repairs Brompton

The staff offer professional 3DS repairs for Brompton and London customers at an affordable cost.

The highly trained repair team work from a state of the art service centre which provides a 3DS repair service for customers across the country, including Brompton in London.

The large network of couriers can collect from any address in the United Kingdom, and will ensure your console is transported safely and returned to you promptly.

The 3DS repairs for Brompton are of an outstanding quality, and customers benefit from:

• Experienced technicians with extensive industry experience.
• High grade parts to ensure a long lasting repair.
• Professional repair equipment and diagnostic testing facilities.
• Fast turnarounds of 3-5 working days on average.

The team can conduct a wide variety of 3DS repairs for Brompton at the state of the art service centre.

Frequently requested 3DS repairs for Brompton and London include:

• Broken buttons
• Bottom screen smashed
• Hinge broken
• Speakers not working
• Camera problems

In addition to the faults listed above, the skilled can also repair a variety of DS faults that occur less frequently.

To organise your 3DS repair with collection from Brompton, simply fill in the enquiry form to request a call back, or call the number provided to speak to a member of the team directly. A member of the team will call or email you as soon as possible to arrange collection of your damaged 3DS in Brompton.

Recent Enquires

damaged 2ds xl top screen, looks like a big black ink mark on left side. how much would this be to repair?


i believe that the joystick is broken as when the ds is turned on the screen automatically scrolls to the right.


top screen of the ds has broken and needs replacing


hi, I have a fault with my dsi, the top screen has defected. I was wondering whether you do repairs on the dsi and how much it would be. please reply on email.thanks


nintendo 3ds ,not xl, and not the new 3dshinge brocken, but was still working, untill the unit was dropped, now when powering on ,power light comes on for two seconds then goes out.can you fix this, grandson wants to keep his work saved on it ,if I got him a new he says he will lose it all


the charge point on the ds has been damaged. how much would it cost to repair the fault. can you please respond by email as I dont always hear my phone where I work is noisey.


the top screen on my new 3ds xl is scuffed a bit and has a couple marks. how much would this cost to repair?


i have 2 3ds`s that I need fixed. one is a smaller 3ds that has a brocken too screen and the over is a large 3ds with a broken hing that won`t come on.


my sons 2ds has a broken screen on both windows. it`s not the folding ds.can you give me a quote for repairing the screen?thankshannah


top screen cracked on 2ds can this be repaired / replaced please provide cost of the above thanks


so my nintendo 3ds (i don`t think it`s the xl one though) randomly stopped charging one day but I could tell the ds was still working, as the light for low battery would come on but just wouldn`t start charging. I had a quick look online and apparently it`s a common soldering issue where the charging port just needs reattaching to the circuit board. I was told somewhere else (without them having looked at it) that it would be cheaper to buy a new one which seems like a lot but also i`d like to be able to get at the games I bought which are stored on the ds.if you could let me know a rough price for this that would be grand thanks


when you turn the on the 3ds it goes directly into the camera, if you can get the menu it pulls to the left