Console Repairs
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Can the couriers collect my PlayStation 5 from my workplace in Whittlesford?

The couriers can collect your PlayStation 5 can be collected from any UK address including work addresses in Cambridgeshire.

To organise collection, simply complete the website form.

My Xbox won't display a picture?

If the Xbox 360 was dropped an internal component is damaged or is loose inside.

To book a games console repair for Whittlesford, simply contact the team today.

How quick is the Whittlesford games console repair service?

As a general rule, games console repairs for Whittlesford and Cambridgeshire customers are completed within 5 working days of collection.

This is however dependent on availability of spare parts.

Console Repairs Whittlesford

If you require dependable and professional repairs for your games console in Whittlesford, then the team can help. The staff offer a fast turnaround of about 5 working days following collection of your game console.

If you require information on console repairs Whittlesford or would like to book a repair today simply fill out the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back soon to help.

The team do not offer hardware or software modifications for game consoles from Whittlesford.

Games Console Repairs Whittlesford

Whittlesford Game Console Repairs

Working from their fully equipped repair centre the experienced technicians offer high quality console repairs throughout Whittlesford and Cambridgeshire.

They have access to specialist equipment and top grade component parts and use specialist techniques for all Whittlesford games console repairs.

This ensures that every repair is carried out to the highest level of quality possible. For quality assurance all games console repairs for Whittlesford include a standard issue warranty (subject to inspection for deliberate tampering with the original manufacturer seal).

The team are able to undertake a wide range of console repairs, including:

• Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs Whittlesford
• Microsoft Xbox One repairs Whittlesford
• Sony PS5 repairs Whittlesford
• Sony PS4 repairs Whittlesford
• Nintendo Switch repairs Whittlesford
• Nintendo Wii U repairs Whittlesford
• Nintendo DS repairs Whittlesford (3DS XL & 2DS)

Various faults can occur with consoles such as the laser failing, memory problems, not powering on and even accidental damage. A common problem is overheating which can happen with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation.

Whatever the fault the dedicated team will aim to quickly and effectively repair your games console.

For more information on console repairs Whittlesford then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

switch lite - I replaced one of the joysticks myself and when I have reassembled the screen is black, you can hear the noise of the console but no picture. i€™m of the opinion I damaged the ribbon cable that goes to the screen but who knows. how much would a potential repair cost?


fan was really loud, so took it apart to clean it. took it apart quite a lot and now doesn`t work properly. how much would it be to have a look and try to identify the problem? assuming there is no problem, how much would it be to repair the console without the purchase of new parts (if the parts are okay of course)?


my grandson has stepped on his cables and pulled them out of the console. can you repair or replace them in time for christmas and are you local


the little black €reset€™ button or the button used to sync a controller to the console which is next to the main power button is not working i.e when pressed nothing happens / power button on console does not flash.


disc drive makes noises / will accept disc if pushed most of the way in then takes disc into console itself / then makes repeated disc drive noises / console gives error messages of `unrecognised disc` or `corrupted data`


hdmi is not producing a picture on screen. I know the xbox is fine other than that as when I remote play my entire dashboard is visible on my phone and games play fine. I have tried 3 separate hdmi cables, I have cleared the cache, I have started the console in low fidelity and nada,


console doesn€™t let me install games, it has trouble reading games, i€™ve got games waiting to be installed but it won€™t read the disc.


the button next to the disc drive which allows the console to sync with the controller has come off and we can€™t seem to sync the controller with the console.


spilt a drink over the console quickly tried to dry and now keeps turning on and off screen still works and can see and hear gameplay but keeps turning off


could you please give me a quote to fix our nintendo switch - it won€™t charge up and we have tried a different charger . thanks in advance. and also , is there anywhere local to me to drop it off ( mansfield)


the console won€™t get past the green loading screen


it doesn`t appear to be charging-it looks like the metal prongs on the console may be bent?