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Can my PS3 be collected from my work address in Plymouth?

The couriers can collect your PlayStation 3 can be collected from any UK address including work addresses in Devon.

To book collection, simply complete the website form.

My Xbox won't show a picture?

If the Xbox 360 was dropped there is a good chance that something has been damaged or is loose inside.

To organise a games console repair for Plymouth, simply enquire today.

How prompt is the Plymouth games console repair service?

Typically, games console repairs for Plymouth and Devon customers are completed within 5 business days of collection.

This is however dependent on availability of spare parts.

Area covered : PL1

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This map illustrates PL1 Plymouth. We may only cover PL1 Plymouth area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Console Repairs Plymouth

If you are looking for long lasting and high quality repairs for your games console in Plymouth, can help. The staff offer a fast turnaround of about 5 working days following collection of your game console.

For more information on console repairs Plymouth or would like to book a repair today simply fill out the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back soon to help.

The team do not offer hardware or software modifications for game consoles from Plymouth.

Games Console Repairs Plymouth

Plymouth Game Console Repairs

Working from their fully equipped repair centre the dedicated team provide high quality console repairs throughout Plymouth and Devon.

They have access to professional tools and the best replacement parts possible and use specialist techniques for all Plymouth games console repairs.

This ensures that all of the repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard. In addition all games console repairs for Plymouth include a standard issue warranty (subject to inspection for deliberate tampering with the original manufacturer seal).

The team are able to conduct a wide range of console repairs, including:

• Sony PS3 repairs Plymouth
• Sony PS4 repairs Plymouth
• Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs Plymouth
• Microsoft Xbox One repairs Plymouth
• Nintendo DS repairs Plymouth (2DS & 3DS XL)
• Nintendo Switch repairs Plymouth
• Nintendo Wii U repairs Plymouth

Various issues can occur with consoles such as accidental damage, laser failure and power issues. One frequently occurring fault is overheating which can happen with the PS4 and Xbox one.

Whatever the fault the dedicated team will always do their best to help get your console repaired and back to you in Plymouth as soon as possible.

For more information on console repairs Plymouth then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

console will not turn on red light on the power brick I bought new power brick and cable still wont turn on.


nintendo 2ds. not turning on.


the console keeps turning off and it is coming up saying ventilation problems.


console won`t turn on, have tried all of the troubleshooting, power brick is fine, console is just seemingly dead for some reason. was wondering if the problem can probably be easily fixed and for what sort of price.


wireless network hardware issue. console works fine buy won`t connect to network. what`s the repair cost on that or is it easier to get a new console?


nintendo dsg xl has very deep scratches on bottom screen. please quote me to replace


disc drive making reading several times upon startup of console/ cannot load disc into drive.


console wont power up. power supply seems ok.


hi there,i have been looking around for someone to fix my 3ds xl. there is a popping noise when I turn the ds on and then it turns itself off. as far as i`m aware the screen itself isn`t cracked.regards,raymond johns


hinge broken on 3ds xl, how much for housing to be replaced


have followed steps to reset power supply but console still not turning on. power brick has solid orange light. can you help?


my console does not power on. it just stays red. the power pack stays yellow. are you able to sort out the problem