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Can the couriers collect my PlayStation 5 from my work address in London?

The couriers can collect your PlayStation 5 can be collected from any UK address including work addresses in London.

To organise collection, simply complete the website form.

My Xbox won't display a picture?

If the Xbox 360 was dropped there is a good chance that something has been damaged or is loose inside.

To book a games console repair for London, simply contact the team today.

How quick is the London games console repair service?

Typically, games console repairs for London customers are completed within 5 working days of collection.

This is however dependent on availability of spare parts.

Console Repairs London

If you are looking for reliable and professional repairs for your games console in London, then the team can help. The staff offer quick repair times of approximately 5 business days following collection of your game console.

For more information on console repairs London or would like to book a repair today simply fill out the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back soon to help.

The team do not offer hardware or software modifications for game consoles from London.

Games Console Repairs London

London Game Console Repairs

Working from their fully equipped repair centre the experienced technicians offer an excellent standard of console repairs throughout London.

They have access to specialist equipment and top grade component parts and use specialist techniques for all London games console repairs.

This ensures that every repair is carried out to the highest possible standard. For quality assurance all games console repairs for London include a standard issue warranty (subject to inspection for deliberate tampering with the original manufacturer seal).

The team are able to undertake a variety of console repairs, including:

• Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs London
• Microsoft Xbox One repairs London
• Sony PS5 repairs London
• Sony PS4 repairs London
• Nintendo Switch repairs London
• Nintendo Wii U repairs London
• Nintendo DS repairs London (3DS XL & 2DS)

Various issues can occur with consoles such as the laser failing, memory problems, not powering on and even accidental damage. A common problem is overheating which can happen with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation.

Whatever the fault the dedicated team will aim to quickly and effectively repair your games console.

For more information on console repairs London then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

nintendo 3ds,pretty new but my son decided to force the charger in and out. it will now only charge very rarly if I angle the device a certain way.i`m thinking there is a problem with the pins in the charge port.trying to see if it`s worth fixing before planning xmas gifts.can you let me know a price?many thanks, matt


the console turns on but doesn€™t connect to the tv and the blue light pulsates continuously and after a couple of minutes the controller turns off.


can you repair gsod green screen of death on day one console I know the internals have changed since warranty is out and msre asking ridiculous amounts for a repair please get back to me at your leisure not like the console is going anywhere _


hello, the top screen has cracked on my son`s white and orange new 2ds xl. do you offer a replacement screen for this?many thanksrob


don€™t know technical term but the screen/glass is not cracked but the pixels/digitalising is frozen and so unable to use console


my pro is 2 months old, first time i€™ve ever put a disc in would not take it.i can hear a rattling sound inside, i€™ve never dropped it always taken care of my gaming consoles.


hi, could you give me a quote for a repair on a nintendo switch lite please? the charging port has been damaged by plugging an incorrect cable in.


will not boot up at all. comes up with error code e102 10030c02. in the past I have had to carry out a full reset and it€™s been ok after this. however now when I try and do it, it comes up with the pre paring console screen and straight away says something went wrong. i€™m selecting remove everything as well and it still will not re-set or start up.


i`ve got a very disappointed 12 year old, as whilst playing (all games) his new x box one s console has intermittent freezing and randomly turns off. he only got this for christmas so very frustrated. could you possibly tell me what the issue could be, can it be fixed how much ? thankyoujune07961972636


power does not come to the console. the power brick flashes and eventually stays orange. changed the brick, same result.


good evening, do you repair nintendo switch? our console will not read the game cards and I believe it may be in need of a new game card slot. I would feel more comfortable with it being repaired somewhere local I can drop it off and pick it up rather than sending it off.


nintendo does start but closes down after a few seconds.