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Can my PS5 be collected from my work address in Felpham?

Thanks to the express courier service provided as standard your PlayStation 5 can be collected from any UK address including work addresses in West Sussex.

To book collection, just contact the team today.

My Xbox Series X won't show a picture?

If the Xbox Series X was dropped there is a good chance that something has been damaged or is loose inside.

To book a games console repair for Felpham, simply contact the team today.

How prompt is the Felpham games console repair service?

As a general rule, games console repairs for Felpham and West Sussex customers are completed within 5 business days of collection.

This is however dependent on availability of spare parts.

Console Repairs Felpham

If you require reliable and professional repairs for your games console in Felpham, can help. The staff offer quick repair times of approximately 5 business days following collection of your game console.

For more information on console repairs Felpham or would like to book a repair today simply submit the form provided and one of the team will contact you back soon to help.

The team do not offer hardware or software modifications for game consoles from Felpham.

Games Console Repairs Felpham

Felpham Game Console Repairs

Working from central service centre the dedicated team provide high quality console repairs throughout Felpham and West Sussex.

They have access to specialist equipment and top grade component parts and employ specialist techniques for all Felpham games console repairs.

This ensures that all of the repairs are carried out to the highest possible standard. In addition all games console repairs for Felpham include a standard issue warranty (subject to inspection for deliberate tampering with the original manufacturer seal).

The technicians are able to conduct a wide range of console repairs, including:

• Sony PS5 repairs Felpham
• Sony PS4 repairs Felpham
• Xbox Series X repairs Felpham
• Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs Felpham
• Microsoft Xbox One repairs Felpham
• Nintendo DS repairs Felpham (2DS & 3DS XL)
• Nintendo Switch repairs Felpham
• Nintendo Wii U repairs Felpham

Various problems can occur with consoles such as the laser failing, memory problems, not powering on and even accidental damage. A common problem is overheating which can happen with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation.

Whatever the fault the trained technicians will aim to quickly and effectively repair your games console.

If you would like more information on console repairs Felpham then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

lines across the screen. screen getting darker and darker


i played around with the sd card, installed the latest 3ds update and ever since, the screen is black when turned on. the blue light still shows, i`ve tried all rebooting techniques and restoring the sd card/other cards but nothing has worked.


i have 3 red lights on the console. is this the red ring of death? how much is it to fix? many thanks. rod


hdmi port damaged not physically just wanting a price had overs but all to high had offers of 25


hdmi port is broken, no signal to the tv, how much would it cost to be replaced?


my hdmi port is broken, can you fix it? if so, how much please?


no signal on the tv despite using multiple hdmis and tvs. also noted when powering up there is no real noise from the ps5.


i don`t think the hdmi port is working as the hdmi cable works for other consoles. are you able to see what the problem is?


won`t turn on. tried a hard reset and still nothing. not once the charger wouldn`t work on other sons switch lite. even when using this on his still nothing.


my sons nintendo switch will no longer charge


hi,how much is a hdmi repair please? also from dartford.thankspeter


i have a nintendo 2ds xl with a cracked top screen. can you help and how much would it cost? many thanks