Console Repairs
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Can my PS3 be collected from my workplace in East Grinstead?

The couriers can collect your PlayStation 3 can be collected from any UK address including work addresses in West Sussex.

To book collection, just contact the team today.

My Xbox won't show a picture?

If the Xbox 360 was dropped an internal component is damaged or is loose inside.

To book a games console repair for East Grinstead, simply contact the team today.

How fast is the East Grinstead games console repair service?

In general, games console repairs for East Grinstead and West Sussex customers are completed within 5 working days of collection.

This is however dependent on availability of spare parts.

Console Repairs East Grinstead

If you require long lasting and high quality repairs for your games console in East Grinstead, can help. The staff offer a fast turnaround of about 5 working days following collection of your game console.

For more information on console repairs East Grinstead or would like to book a repair today simply fill out the online form with your details and one of the team will contact you back soon to help.

The team do not offer hardware or software modifications for game consoles from East Grinstead.

Games Console Repairs East Grinstead

East Grinstead Game Console Repairs

Working from central service centre the experienced technicians provide high quality console repairs throughout East Grinstead and West Sussex.

They have access to professional tools and the best replacement parts possible and employ reliable repair methods for all East Grinstead games console repairs.

This ensures that every repair is carried out to the highest level of quality possible. In addition all games console repairs for East Grinstead include a standard issue warranty (subject to inspection for deliberate tampering with the original manufacturer seal).

The technicians are able to complete a wide range of console repairs, including:

• Microsoft Xbox 360 repairs East Grinstead
• Microsoft Xbox One repairs East Grinstead
• Sony PS3 repairs East Grinstead
• Sony PS4 repairs East Grinstead
• Nintendo Switch repairs East Grinstead
• Nintendo Wii U repairs East Grinstead
• Nintendo DS repairs East Grinstead (3DS XL & 2DS)

Various defects can occur with consoles such as the laser failing, memory problems, not powering on and even accidental damage. A common problem is overheating which can happen with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation.

Regardless of the problem the dedicated team will aim to quickly and effectively repair your games console.

For more information on console repairs East Grinstead then contact us today by filling out the online form.

Recent Enquires

console boots with no hdmi output. hdmi port appears to be in good condition upon visual inspection. just boots into the white light of death.


after dropped onto ground the device just stopped turning on. when attempted to boot the console just goes dead after the lower screen flashes with a beep.


it€™s not the 3ds xl but I was just wondering if my 3ds screen could be fixed. the top screen of my 3ds is blank.


hi, my console won`t turn on. the blue light comes on and then flashes 3 times and turns off. can you let me know when you can take it in to try and be fixed


disk drive will not accept any disks. the console requires a firmware upgrade to use the store so I can`t play physical or download games. i`ve tried installing firmware via usb and I get the error su-42118-6. seems quite common and indicates the drive (or other part) has failed, stopping any updates to be installed


hellomy console is afflicted by the rrod. whats the rough estimate cost to fix thisthanks.


himy sons nintendo switch is not working correctly. it isn€™t loading games properly and the screen glitches. there is no visible damage to the screen or console but he has dropped it and this issue has occurred since then.can you advise please.thanks stephen


after 10 minutes of turning it on and playing a game, the fans immediately start to work and the sound is very loud and after 5 more mins a display says that the console is overheating and it turns of by itself


nintendo switch will not turn on


hi do you fix nintendo switch?


the nintendo 3ds was working on minute. then screen no longer working blue light remained on tried several things but nothing happening. is this fixable and a rough cost or would it be cheaper to invest in a new one. it is around a 9 months old and used a lot.thanks fiona


my new 3ds xl just won`;t start up. the blue light goes on, but nothing else happens